I am a researcher at Arizona State University’s School of Earth & Space Exploration. My main research interests are planetary exploration and astrobiology, the search for the origins, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.

Specifically, I seek to understand whether oceans below the surface of icy worlds harbor life by simulating their physics and chemistry, through laboratory and field studies of similar places on Earth where microbial life thrives, and by developing future space missions to explore these ocean worlds.

Browse to learn more! You can contact me at the email found in this paper. Also see my SAGANet page and ASU pages (Desch and Anbar research groups). Enjoy your visit!


7 Feb. 2016 Want to learn more about my research? Listen to this ASU Connections podcast (also available on iTunes).

15 Dec. 2015 Check out the press release on our latest paper: Deep freeze puts the squeeze on dwarf planet Ceres.